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Name:  Antonia
Brief biography:  Daughter of Mark Antony, niece of Augustus, sister-in-law of Tiberius, grandmother of Caligula, mother of Claudius and great-grandmother of Nero.
Nationality:  Roman
Date of birth:  36 BC
Place of birth:  Athens
Date of death:  37
Place of death:  Rome

Antionia was an important figure during the reigns as Roman Emperor of her uncle Augustus, brother-in-law Tiberius and grandson Caligula. She was a younger daughter of Mark Antony by Augustus's sister, Octavia, and raised in the court of her uncle. She was married to her uncle's stepson, Drusus, by whom she had at least three children: Germanicus, Livilla and Claudius. Despite her non-attendance at her eldest son's funeral, murder by starvation of her daughter and general maligning of her youngest son, she was honoured with titles previously confered upon Livia twice - first by Caligula, then again by Claudius. Due to these honours, she appeared posthumously on the coins of her son, the Emperor Claudius.

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