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ID number:  ECM 785
Named collection:  The Eton Myers Collection
Title / Object name:  Seated Isis suckling child Horus
Object type:  Seated Isis
Collector:  Myers, William Joseph
Materials:  Faience
Measurements:  overall: 5.75 cm x 1.62 cm x 1.47 cm (H x W x D)

Carved Isis seated on a block throne, suckling the child Horus (Harpocrates). Depicted with tripartite wig and diadem supporting horned sun disc, with suspension piercing on back. She wears an ankle length close-fitting dress, with a naked Harpocrates bearing a sidelock.

Notes:  Amulets depicting the goddess Isis suckling her son, Horus, are frequently found dated the Third Intermediate Period or later, but were manufactured as early as the Ramesside Period (Petrie 1914: 35, type 148; Andrews 1994: 48). Some rare examples can be dated to the 6th Dynasty depicting the goddess suckling Horus whilst sat on the floor (Petrie 1914: 35). These amulets were a symbol of protection for both mothers and children in this world and the next, likely due to Isis’ role as ‘universal protective mother goddess’ (Andrews 1994: 48). Some of the seated goddesses wear the less common horned sun-disc headdress which can lead to confusion between the identity of Isis and Hathor (Andrews 1994: 20).

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Myers, William Joseph
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