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ID number:  ECM 350
Named collection:  The Eton Myers Collection
Title / Object name:  Shabti
Object type:  Shabti
Culture:  Egyptian
Collector:  Myers, William Joseph
Materials:  Faience
Measurements:  overall: 16.10 cm x 4.81 cm x 2.77 cm (H x W x D)
Provenance:  Unknown

Well preserved shabti figure, bright blue glaze with details in black: defined eyebrows and eyes, striated tripartite wig, implements, basket thrown over right shoulder and seven horizontal bands of hieroglyphs around front with a single column on back.
Arms, hands and rear of the shabti are well defined, distinction made between the wig and narrowing of the back.

Inscriptions / Translations:  Inscribed

Bibliography:  H. D. Schneider, ‘Shabtis. An introduction to the History of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Statuettes with a Catalogue of the Collection of Shabtis in the National Museum of Antiquities at Leiden’, 3 vols., Leiden 1977.

For background on shabtis, see, for instance, J. H. Taylor, ‘Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt’, London 2001, 112-135.

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Myers, William Joseph
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