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ID number:  ECM 1205
Named collection:  The Eton Myers Collection
Title / Object name:  Stone Bowl
Object type:  Vessel
Date made:  Late Predynastic Period (c. 3100 BC)
Collector:  Myers, William Joseph
Materials:  Siltstone
Measurements:  height: 5.9 cm x diameter: 25.22 cm
Provenance:  Possibly from Tarkhan

This well-crafted bowl was a common object in elite burials of the late Predynastic Period. It was likely used during a 'tomb warming' party, in which the gods were invited to dine with the deceased. Siltstone was a particularly popular material for elite goods in the Predynastic Period (c. 4000-3000 BC) with many palettes and stone vessels crafted from the hard, dark stone. Many similar vessels were excavated at Tarkhan, some with the remains of food; however, the provenance of this bowl is unknown.

Bibliography:  See Martin Bommas, 2016. "Come Dine With Me! Tomb Warmings in Ancient Egypt" in S. Boonstra (ed.) Objects Come to Life, Birmingham Egyptology.

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Myers, William Joseph
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