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Name or title Maker ID Number  
'Bee Meter' invented by Alfred Watkins Stephenson's of Manchester WB-HC0775 View
1945 Murphy SAD 94S Bakelite Table Wireless Murphy Radio WB-HC0395 View
A Minnitt Gas and Air Machine BIRRC-M0147 View
A Smart Bristow Faradic Machine for Stimulating Muscle BIRRC-M0146 View
A.C. Test Set Cambridge Instrument Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0571 View
Aldis Projector WB-HC0576E View
Analog Computer EAI - Electronics Associates Pty. Ltd BIRRC-P0918 View
Argus Slide Projector WB-HC0576C View
Avery weighing scales W. & T. Avery Ltd. WB-BC0001 View
Balance F. Sartorius BIRRC-P0075 View
Barometer WB-HC0700 View
Bylock electric dryer Bylock WB-BC0019 View
Camera Kodak WB-HC0063 View
Campbell-Howell Modified Haldane Apparatus BIRRC-M0143 View
Capacitance plug box Elliott Bros. Ltd. BIRRC-P0252 View
Capacitor - large air-spaced W.G. Pye & Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0746 View
Carriage clock WB-HC0236 View
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Tektronix Guernsey Ltd BIRRC-P0877 View
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Telequipment Ltd BIRRC-P0878 View
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Solartron BIRRC-P0331 View
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope - Tektronix 545A Tektronix Inc. BIRRC-P0844 View
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Camera Tektronix Inc. BIRRC-P0870 View
Cathode ray tube Cintel BIRRC-P0343 View
Cathode ray tube Unknown BIRRC-P0328 View
Cathode ray tube A. C. Cossor BIRRC-P0530 View

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