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Cachin, Françoise (1)
Caldwell, Ian and Thomason, Dustin (1)
Callaway, C. (1)
Canova, Gianni (1)
Cherry, Peter and Siefert, Helge (1)
Cieszkowski, K. (1)
Clarke, M. and Thomson, R. (1)
Clifford, D. and T. (1)
Cogeval, G. (1)
Coleman, J. (1)
Constable, W. G. (4)
Cook, Herbert (1)
Corace, E. (1)
Corley, J (1)
Corsini, Piero (1)
Crill, Rosemary and Jariwala, Kapil (1)
Crowe, J. A. and Cavalcaselle, G. B. (2)
Cuvillier (1)