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Macchia, G. and Montagni, E. C. (1)
Madsen, K. (1)
Makken, B. (1)
Malingue, M. (1)
Manchester City Art Gallery (2)
Manke, I. (1)
Manzitti, C. (1)
Marlier, Georges (2)
Martindale, A. (1)
Mayer, Augustus. L. (1)
Merriman, M. P. (1)
Metropolitan Museum, New York and Museo do Capodimonte, Naples (1)
Morassi, A. (1)
Morris, E. (1)
Mortari, L. (1)
Mrass, Marcus (1)
Mullaly, Terence (1)
Murray, Kathryn (1)
Museo Civico (1)
Mérot, A. (1)