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Rackham, B. (1)
Radema, Jorg Wcher (1)
Redgrave, R. and S. (1)
Reed, S. W. (1)
Reiss, S. (1)
Rewald, J. (1)
Ridley, Glynis (1)
Riopelle, Christopher and Roy, Ashok (1)
Robaut, A. (1)
Robaut, Alfred (1)
Robertson, Giles (2)
Robins, Anna Gruetzner and Thomson, Richard (1)
Robinson, William W. (1)
Rooses, M. (1)
Rosci, Marco (2)
Rossi, P. (1)
Rothlisbeger, M. (1)
Rothlisberger, Regine (1)
Rouart, D. and Wildenstein, D. (1)
Royal Academy of Arts (2)
Royal Academy of Arts, London (1)
Russell Taylor, J. (1)
Russell, F. (1)
Russell, M. (1)
Réau, L. (1)
Röthlisberger, M. (1)
Röttgen, H. (1)