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Name:  Bohemond VII
Brief biography:  Count of Tripoli and Antioch 1275-1287: he lost the last Christian possessions of Antioch to the Muslims in 1287 and his death without heirs soon afterwards left Tripoli open to capture in 1289.
Nationality:  Frankish
Occupation:  Ruler
Date of birth:  1261
Period of rule:  1275-1287
Date of death:  1287-10-19

Bohemond succeeded his father of the same name as Count of Tripoli when still a minor in 1275, and until 1277 his mother Sibylla ruled Tripoli while he grew up at the court of King Leo III of Armenia. He took power in his own right in 1277 and secured a peace with the Sultan but then fell into dispute with the Knights Templar, leading to outright war in 1277, 1278 and 1282, after which Bohemond eliminated their support at Jebail by conquering it. In 1287 the last Christian possession in the County of Antioch, the port of Latakia, was taken by the Mamluks. Bohemond, who had no heirs, died soon afterwards, and in the ensuing succession crisis the Muslims captured Tripoli in 1289.

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