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Name:  Cnut
Brief biography:  Eleventh century king of England, Denmark and Norway.
Nationality:  Danish
Occupation:  King
Date of birth:  c.995
Place of birth:  Denmark
Period of rule:  1016-1035 (England); 1018-1035 (Denmark); 1028-1035 (Norway)
Date of death:  1035
Place of death:  Shaftsbury

Cnut, also known as Canute or Knud, was king of England, Denmark and Norway. He was a son of the Danish king Sweyn Forkbeard and (probably) a grandson of Mieszko I of Poland. He is perhaps best known for the story of his vanity in trying to hold back the waves, but this is now thought either to be Cnut's demonstration of his fallibility as a man, not his vanity, or, more likely, a twelfth century fabrication. Following his death in 1035, Cnut's kingdoms became separate again.

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