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Name:  Constantina
Brief biography:  Daughter of the Emperor Tiberius II and wife of the Emperor Maurice.
Nationality:  Byzantine
Occupation:  Empress
Date of death:  c.602
Place of death:  Eurasia: Istanbul

Constantina was the daughter of the Emperor Tiberius II and Ino Anastasia. In 582, Constantina was married to the general Maurice, who assumed power when Tiberius died later the same year, making Constantina the primary empress. Of her numerous children with Maurice, the eldest, Theodosius, was expected to become the next emperor and was perhaps promoted as such on a coin type that also depicts Constantina alongside Maurice. In 602, however, the army revolted against Maurice in the name of Phocas. Maurice, Tiberius and Constantina's other sons were all executed and Constantina sent to a monastery with her daughters. Shortly after, she was caught up in her own conspiracy against Phocas, which was caught, and Constantina and her daughters were executed sometime before 605.

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