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ID number:  WBHERB.HST.L.95.11
Institution:  Winterbourne House and Garden
Named collection:  Winterbourne Herbarium Archive
Title / Object name:  Copies of letters from Professor Hillhouse and Professor West, regarding H. S. Thompson's Herbarium. Presumed to be copied by Professor Yapp.
Object type:  Letter
Date made:  1907-1910
Materials:  Paper
Measurements:  32.5 x 20.7 cm

Handwritten copies of letters from Professor Hillhouse and Professor West, regarding H. S. Thompson's Herbarium. Presumed to be copied by Professor Yapp based on previous correspondence with H. S. Thompson. The letters come stapled together and often follow on from one another on the same page. The first letter to Thompson from Hillhouse mentions Wilkinson W H and Holmes' lichen collection which Wilkinson wanted them to buy, as a lichen enthusiast, but they did not have the funds. Instead they acquired Holmes' algae collection. Hillhouse boasts about what a good collection it is and speaks of future expansions and more possible collections they will get. Hillhouse promises that they might not be able to adequately house them at the moment, but buildings such as the Mason Building will be able to in the future. The second letter to Thompson from Hillhouse says that the Botanical Department remain at the old Mason Buildings until the time comes, possibly early or in many years, for a further building scheme at Bournbrook. Hillhouse says that he is at any time prepared to receive Thompson's main collection on loan and pay for the cost of carriage, but if Thompson would want to reclaim it soon, then it is better left where it is for now if it is not being neglected. Hillhouse says that Thompson can send parcels of properly named plants from his duplicate collection at any time, as their British collection is fairly good, though they need some more of the recent forms, but their European Herbarium is poor. Hillhouse talks about the Swiss and Norweigan plants they do have. The third letter is from G. S. West who praises Thompson's Swiss and Savoy plants which have been on loan at the University Herbarium. West says that he will purchase another 200 of the same nature most wilingly at the price Thompson has named, but that this purchase must be next month because of the (CONTINUED) dates of the Department's grant. West particularly is eager to have orchids and liliaceae (?), and Spanish species. West is happy that Thompson's Herbarium and botanical books will ultimately be home at the University. West says that he is getting together a British Herbarium, which will be the best in the country, and that he has the nucleus of a fine European Herbarium, but that the existing specimens, apart from Thompson's, are lacking because of neglect. They want to expand and have more room now too, having moved. The fourth letter from West says that the parcel of plants have been received. West says that they do not have a Herbarium assistant at the moment and they might not for several years because the University Council will not give the funds. The fifth letter from G. S. West thanks Thompson for the cutting from 'The Gardener's Chronicle' about the late Prof. Hillhouse. West disagrees though that the books presented by Hillhouse exceeded 200 volumes, and that there are not more than about 2000 dried plants, many in very bad condition. West talks about the names of the people whose collections they do have. Says that there will be three seperate herbaria: British, European and General Herbaria, the latter including extra European plants. Thus, if Mr. Cadbury does offer to purchase Thompson's Herbarium and present it to the university, it must be done so with the understanding that it would be incorporated with the existing Herbaria. West knows of several Herbaria coming to the Department and so, though they should find room for Thompson's, at the present time there were no room to spare.

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