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Name:  Odaenathus
Brief biography:  King of Palmyra.
Nationality:  Palmyrene
Occupation:  King
Place of birth:  Palmyra
Period of rule:  260-267
Date of death:  267

Odaenathus rose to prominence in the aftermath of the capture of Valerian by Shapur at Edessa in 260. From an aristocratic family, he made himself king of the city of Palmyra in Syria in 260, raised an army and marched to defeat Shapur's armies in Mesopotamia. Odaenathus then declared loyalty to the Emperor Gallienus, son of Valerian, and marched on Emessa to put down the revolt of Macrianus and Quietus. Though nominally loyal to Gallienus, who bestowed titles on Odaenathus, the Palmyrene king still expanded his influence within the nominal lands of the Roman Empire. He was assassinated alongside his eldest son, Hairan, in 267, and succeeded by his younger son, Vaballathus.

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