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Name:  Cantacouzene, Mikhail
Brief biography:  Russian Prince of Romanian and Greek descent who collected antique coins.
Nationality:  Russian
Occupation:  General
Date of birth:  29 Apr 1875
Place of birth:  Poltava
Date of death:  25 Mar 1955
Place of death:  Sarasota

Prince Mikhail Cantacouzene was a Prince and general of the Tsarist Russian Empire. He fought in both the Russo-Japanese War and the First World War. Following the Russian Revolution he relocated to Florida with his American wife, Julia, granddaughter of American President Ulysses S. Grant. While fleeing, some of Cantacouzene's antiques collections was sold or stolen. That which remained was sold on his death and through a series of sales came to the collections of Philip Whitting and Geoffrey Haines and thereby the Barber. He was a descendant of the Byzantine Emperor John VI Kantakouzenos.

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