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Name:  The Visigothic Kingdom
Brief biography:  The Visgothic Kingdom in Spain and Southern France, 5th-8th centuries AD.
Nationality:  Visigothic
Occupation:  Political entity

The Visigoths were one of the two main groups of the Gothic tribes (the other being the Ostrogoths), and the first to migrate into Western Europe. The Visigoths' westward migration included the famous sack of Rome in 410 under their leader, Alaric. In the succeeding decades, the Visigoths took much of what is now Southern France and Spain, and set up a kingdom there, with their capital initially at Toulouse, then at Narbonne, Barcelona and Toledo. The Gothic tribes were briefly effectively reunited when the Ostrogothic King Theoderic (who had set up a kingdom in Italy) acted as regent for his Grandson, Amalaric. It later lost the Marseilles area to the Ostrogoths in the early sixth century, Southern Spain to the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire in the mid-sixth century, then finally collapsed in the face of the Umayyad invasions in the early eighth century.

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