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Name:  Charles I of Anjou
Brief biography:  French royal who conquered a kingdom in Southern Italy in the 1260s and who succeeded William of Villehardouin as Prince of Achaia in 1278. In 1282 he was driven from Sicily.
Nationality:  Frankish
Occupation:  Ruler
Date of birth:  1226-03
Period of rule:  1265-1285 (Sicily and Naples); 1278-1285 (Achaia).
Date of death:  1285-01-07
Place of death:  Apulia: Foggia

Charles was brother of King Louis IX of France and early in his career managed to conquer the Hohenstaufen dominions in the south of Italy from their ruler Manfred in 1266. He next turned his sights on the Byzantine Empire, and in 1267 formed a treaty with the papacy, the exiled Emperor of Constantinople Baldwin II and William of Villehardouin, Prince of Achaia, thus becoming overlord of that principality. No campaign was actually fought, however, and in 1282 Charles was driven from Sicily by King Peter III of Aragón in the so-called Sicilian Vespers. Charles died in 1285.

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