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Name:  Isabelle of Villehardouin
Brief biography:  Daughter of Prince William of Achaia and, 1289-97, wife of Prince Florent, Isabelle ruled Achaia in her own right 1297-1301 but was removed from it in 1307 after marrying Philip of Savoy in 1301.
Nationality:  Frankish
Occupation:  Lord
Date of birth:  1260
Period of rule:  1297-1301
Date of death:  1312-01-23
Place of death:  Hainaut

Daughter of William II of Achaia and his wife Anna, daughter Despot Michael II of Epiros, Isabelle married Philip I of Sicily in 1271, son of Charles I of Anjou, who became King of Thessalonica in 1274 but died in 1277. Charles I succeeded William as prince of Achaia in 1278, and after his death Isabelle was married to Florent of Hainaut to secure his title to Achaia. After his death in 1297 she ruled in her own right for a short while before marrying Philip I of Savoy, lord of Piedmont. Dissatisfied with his loyalty, Isabelle's Angevin relatives removed both from Achaia 1307, after which Isabelle left Philip and retired to Hainaut to press her claim from there. She died in 1312.

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