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Name:  Wanyan Liang
Brief biography:  Ruler of the Jin Dynasty 1150-1161
Nationality:  Jin
Occupation:  Emperor
Date of birth:  1122
Period of rule:  1150-1161
Date of death:  1161
Place of death:  Caishi

Wanyan Laing, otherwise known as Digunai, or as the ‘Prince of Hailing’ was the fourth ruler of the Jurchen Jin Dynasty. A son of Wanyan Zonggan (son of the Jin founder, Taizu), he served as a military marshal under his predecessor, Emperor Xizong, until taking the throne by means of a coup in 1150. He was known for a programme of Han Dynasty-style court innovations, such as instituting Han courtly dress, ceremonial, and introducing the civil service examination system. He pursued campaigns against the Southern Song Dynasty in an attempt to expand Jin influence. However, the Jin were defeated in two major naval engagements in late 1161 at Caishi and Tangdao. He was assassinated soon after this series of military failures, in December of the same year. His son, Wulu was subsequently proclaimed as Emperor Shizong.

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