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Name:  William de la Roche
Brief biography:  Duke of Athens in succession to his father John, 1280-1287, and also Bailiff of Achaia 1285-1287.
Nationality:  Frankish
Occupation:  Ruler
Period of rule:  1280-1287 (Athens), 1285-1287 (Morea and Achaia)
Date of death:  1287

Heir to Duke John of Athens, before succeeding William married Helena Angelika Komnena, daughter of Emperor John I Doukas of Thessaloniki. This alliance allowed him, on succeeding to Athens in 1280, to considerably expand it without threat. At the death of King Charles II of Naples in 1285, William was named Bailiff of the Morea and Vicar-General of Achaia, but was only able to exercise this power briefly, as he himself died in 1287, leaving an infant heir, Guy II.

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