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Name:  Otho
Brief biography:  The second of the four emperors in the year of the four emperors.
Nationality:  Roman
Occupation:  Emperor
Date of birth:  32
Place of birth:  Lazio: Ferentino
Period of rule:  69
Date of death:  69
Place of death:  Rome

Otho was the second of the four emperors from the year of the four emperors following the murder of Nero. Otho came to power in a revolt against Galba in AD 69, after the German legions declared for Vitellius, marched to Rome and defeated a group of Otho's soldiers, however, Otho committed suicide ostensibly to spare the Empire another civil war and the lives of his remaining soldiers. Because of his death, which was percieved as honourable, Otho enjoyed a positive posthumous reputation.

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