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Name:  Lysimachus
Brief biography:  A general of Alexander the Great who took over Thrace on Alexander's death, becoming King there in 306 BC, adding rule over Macedonia in 285 BC
Nationality:  Greek
Occupation:  Ruler
Date of birth:  361 BC
Period of rule:  328 BC-281 BC
Date of death:  281 BC
Place of death:  Thrace: Corupedion

One of Alexander the Great's generals, left with the government of Thrace on that ruler's death; he fought Antigonos I with several of the other diadochi in 315 BC and took the title of King in 306 BC. He and Seleucus I killed Antigonos I in battle in 301 BC and Lysimachus gained Lydia, Ionia, Phrygia and some of Asia Minor; he expanded on this last in war with Demetrios Poliorketes in 294 BC but recognised Demetrios as King of Macedon, only to expel him in 288 BC and in 285 BC take over rule there himself. He faced revolt in Asia Minor in 284 BC and died in battle with his old ally Seleucus I in 281 BC as a result. He had three wives and at least seven children.

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