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Name:  Demetrios II
Brief biography:  Son of Demetrios I Soter who seized his late father's throne in 147 BC; captured by Parthians 139 BC, returned to power 130 BC only to be driven out 126 BC
Nationality:  Greek
Occupation:  Ruler
Period of rule:  147 BC-139 BC; 130 BC-126 BC
Date of death:  125 BC
Place of death:  Tyre

Son of Demetrios I Soter, Demetrios escaped when Alexander Balas usurped the Seleucid throne of Demetrios's father, and returned to take it with backing from Egypt in 147 BC. Unpopular, he was soon opposed by Balas's son Antiochos VI Dionysos and then Tryphon in Antioch, and in 139 BC was taken captive in battle with the Parthians, whereupon Antiochos VII Sidetes took over in Syria. The Parthians liberated Demetrios in 130 BC to foment opposition to Antiochos, who was however himself defeated and killed by the Parthians almost immediately. A usurper by the name of Alexander II Zabanas arose almost immediately, and defeated Demetrios in battle in 126 BC, capturing him after Demetrios's wife, Cleopatra Thea, refused him entry to Ptolemais. She then succeeded him.

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