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Name:  Maud of Hainaut
Brief biography:  Daughter of Isabelle of Villehardouin, Maud was married four times, twice to gain a claim to the Principality of Achaia, in which she ruled 1313-1318 with her second husband Louis of Burgundy.
Nationality:  Dutch
Occupation:  Lord
Date of birth:  1293-11-29
Period of rule:  1313-1318
Date of death:  1331
Place of death:  Campania: Aversa

Daughter of Florent of Hainaut and Isabelle of Villehardouin, Maud was thus heiress to the Principality of Achaia. She was married at age 5 to Duke Guy II de la Roche of Athens, who died in 1308, whereafter she was married to Louis of Burgundy, titular King of Thessalonica, in 1313 to cement his claim to Achaia. The couple fought off Prince Ferdinand of Majorca in 1316 but Louis was poisoned in 1317, and Maud abducted, dispossessed and married by John of Gravina, Duke of Durazzo in 1318, who however repudiated her in 1321, whereafter she married Hugh de la Palice and retired to Italy, where she died in 1331.

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