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Name:  Janus I
Brief biography:  King of Cyprus 1398-1422 in succession to his father James; prisoner of the Muslims 1426-1427 and a stroke victim 1431, dying the next year.
Nationality:  Frankish
Occupation:  Ruler
Date of birth:  1375
Place of birth:  Genoa
Period of rule:  1398-1432
Date of death:  1432-06-29

Born in Genoa during his father James I's captivity there, Janus spent most of his reign vying with Genoa over moneys owed and the Genoese's refusal to abandon the city of Famagusta, which Janus besieged between 1403 and 1406. Cyprus began to fall victim to attacks from the Muslim Mamulks in 1425, and a full-scale invasion force, landing in 1426, sacked Nicosia and took King Janus prisoner. He was ransomed from captivity in Cairo in 1427, but placed his rule in the hands of his brother Hugh, and died not long after suffering a stroke in 1431. He was also titular King of Armenia and of Jerusalem.

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