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Name:  Agrippina major
Brief biography:  Daughter of Marcus Agrippa, granddaughter of Augustus, mother of Caligula and grandmother of Nero.
Nationality:  Roman
Date of birth:  14 BC
Place of birth:  Athens
Date of death:  33
Place of death:  Pandatoria

Agrippina major was one of the many important Julio-Claudian women. She was a granddaughter of Augustus, mother of Caligula, sister-in-law of Claudius and grandmother of Nero, she was also a daughter of the Roman general Marcus Agrippa. She was exiled by Tiberius to the island of Pandatoria, where she died of starvation in AD 33. Her name was restored by her son Caligula and brother-in-law Claudius, who issued coins posthumously in her name. Caligula also had her ashes returned to Rome.

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