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Name:  'Abd al-Malik
Brief biography:  Caliph of the Umayyad dynasty 685-705.
Nationality:  Arabic
Occupation:  Caliph
Date of birth:  646
Place of birth:  Medina
Period of rule:  685-705
Date of death:  705
Place of death:  al-Sinnabra

'Abd al-Malik was the 5th Umayyad Caliph, ruling 685-705 (AH 65-86). His reign was pivotal in the establishment of a distinctively Arabic and Muslim identity for the Caliphate. Numismatically, the coins of 'Abd al-Malik were experimentally dechristianising of the Byzantine prototypes, then culminating in the reforms of 696 (AH 76), making the Caliphate's coins completely aniconic. Elsewhere Arabic was pushed to supercede Greek and Latin in the west of the Caliphate and Persian in the East.

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