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Name:  Zeno
Brief biography:  Eastern Roman/Byzantine Emperor 474-475 and 476-491.
Nationality:  Isaurian
Occupation:  Emperor
Place of birth:  Rusumblada
Period of rule:  474-475 and 476-491
Date of death:  491
Place of death:  Istanbul

Zeno was originally born Tarasis, son of Kodisa from Rusumblada. He later adopted the name of Zeno, and renamed his birth city of Rusumblada in Isauria as Zenopolis, after his adopted name. Zeno was an Isaurian potentate, who married the Emperor Leo I's eldest daughter, Ariadne. With Ariande he had a son, Leo, who was raised to be co-emperor with his grandfather shortly before the latter's death in 474. Leo then raised his father to be co-emperor with him (though aged around six, it is doubtful that it was Leo's own decision). Leo swiftly followed his grandfasther to the grave later in 474, leaving Zeno as sole emperor. The writers Isidore of Seville and Victor Tonnensis accused Zeno of murdering his own son. Zeno then faced a revolt from his wife's maternal uncle, Basiliscus, who took power in 475. Zeno retook power in 476, the same year that the Western Roman Empire is said to have 'fallen'. In order to depose Odoacer, who had taken power in Rome, Zeno offered the Ostrogothic king, Theoderic, the right to settle his people (then settled in Thrace) in Italy with Roman consent, if Theoderic could take the land from Odoacer. Zeno did not live long enough to see this plan come to fruition, however, dying in 491.

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