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Name:  Varhran VI
Brief biography:  Sasanian general, later rebel, usurper and emperor (shah-an-shah) 590-591.
Nationality:  Sasanian
Occupation:  Ruler, governor and general
Place of birth:  Rayy
Period of rule:  590-591
Date of death:  591
Place of death:  Fergana

Varhran Chobin was of an old feudal family, the house of Mihran. In 589 he was very successful in the north-east against the Turkish invaders. However, when he suffered defeat at the hands of the Byzantines, the king dismissed him in disgrace, reportedly sending him ladies garments to wear. In consequence, he joined the rebellion against Hormazd, and seized large parts of the Sasanian Empire for himself. As he was marching on Ctesiphon, Hormazd was deposed and murdered in a palace coup, and his son Khusrau II raised to the throne. Khusrau fled to Constantinople, leaving Varhran VI as Shah.

However, Khusrau returned in 591, with a Roman army provided by the Emperor Maurice and a large number of Armenian mercenaries under Mushegh Mamikonian, and defeated Varhran, taking Ctesiphon and forcing him to flee. Varhran took shelter with the Khagan of the Gökturks, but was assassinated by agents of Khusrau II.

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