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Name:  Theodosius
Brief biography:  Son and co-emperor of the Emperor Maurice.
Nationality:  Byzantine
Occupation:  Emperor
Date of birth:  c.383
Place of birth:  Eurasia: Istanbul
Period of rule:  590-602
Date of death:  602
Place of death:  Eurasia: Istanbul

Theodosius was the eldest son of the Emperor Maurice and Constantina, daughter of the Emperor Tiberius II. He was crowned co-emperor with his father as a child in 590. Theodosius appears on some rare coins which may belong to the reign of Maurice and be promoting him as the heir to the throne. In 602, however, the army rebelled and deposed Maurice and his family. Maurice and all of his sons were executed. There were, however, several rumours that Theodosius had survived the massacre of the family. These rumours were supported by Maurice's ally in the East, the Sasanian Shahanshah, Khusrau II, and a revolt sprang up in Theodosius's name. These revolts may be the other culprits behind the Theodosius coin issues.

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