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Name:  Mithridates II
Brief biography:  Parthian Emperor 124-88 BC.
Nationality:  Parthian
Occupation:  Emperor
Period of rule:  124-88 BC
Date of death:  88 BC

Mithridates was one of the best-remembered Emperors of the Parthian Empire. He was the first to truly employ the Achaemenid title 'king of kings', but expressed in the Greek as Basileus Basileon. Numismatically, Mithridates moved away from the very Hellenistic style of bust prefered by his successors, and moved toward a more recognisably 'Parthian' bust, with a domed crown with ear-flaps and a long beard. He reversed some of the Parthian military woes both in the East and West, effectively reduced the Armenians to a puppet state, and recieved recognition from China as a major power.

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