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Name:  Andronikos IV Palaiologos
Brief biography:  Byzantine Emperor 1376-1379.
Nationality:  Byzantine
Occupation:  Emperor
Date of birth:  1348
Place of birth:  Eurasia: Istanbul
Period of rule:  1376-1379
Date of death:  1385
Place of death:  Selymbria

Andronikos was the eldest son of John V and Helena Kantakouzene, daughter of John VI Kantakouzenos. He was co-emperor and heir apparent from 1352, but rebelled in 1373. The rebellion failed and Andronikos was imprisoned and blinded in one eye. In 1376 Andronikos escaped and successfully rebelled against his father. Andronikos ruled for 3 years, with his son, John VII. John V was able to retake the throne in 1379, but still made Andronikos co-emperor. Andronikos rebelled a third and final time in 1385, but died before his rebellion could be succesful or fail.

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Andronikos IV Palaiologos; Constantinople
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