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ID number:  BIRRC-H0008
Institution:  Research and Cultural Collections
Named collection:  University Heritage Collection
Artist / Maker:  JW and Co. Ltd.
Title / Object name:  Brass Engraved Seal
Object type:  Miscellaneous
Place made:  England
Materials:  Brass
Measurements:  L 6.35 cm

A brass seal made by J W and Co ltd of England. The handle has tapered sides leading to two circular ends, It is engraved with gothic letters on one end.

Notes:  A brass seal belonging to the family of Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940). Lodge was a pioneering Physicist during the late 19th and early 20th century and made important advances in the development of wireless and electromagnetic devices. He was recognised as an accomplished public lecturer and a pioneer in the study of electromagnetism and radio telegraphy. He studied Physics at the University of London and became Professor of Physics at Liverpool University. In 1900 Joseph Chamberlain invited Lodge to become the first principal of the University of Birmingham.

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