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ID number:  BIRBI-S0526
Object type:  Coin
Institution:  The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Maker:  Khusrau II; Ctesiphon
Denomination:  Dinar
Place made:  Seleucia
Culture:  Sasanian
Date made:  613
Metal:  Gold
Diameter (cm):  2.35
Weight (g):  4.59
Axis (degrees):  90.00
Provenance:  Barber acquisition 0129B, A. H. Baldwin 1973

Description:  Obverse: Khusrau II, facing r. on frontal bust, bearded, with hair tied in bunch over r. shoulder, earring of three pellets in triangle form; six-pointed star to l. and r. of crown, the r. star having an upturned crescent; crown with double pearl pellet band, with dome above and mural elements, vertical line connecting to upturned crescent, within which a six-pointed star, wings extending from middle of vertical line, two ribbons flow from back of the crown; crescent in front of crown; single pellet line at neckline, two pellets .. on breast, double pellet line extending from shoulders to sternum, upturned crescent and six-pointed star in both shoulders; ribbons extend upwards from shoulders; single pellet border. Reverse: bust of deity, frontal facing, with hair tied in bunches over both shoulders; crown of double pellet base, and dome, which is tied at the top; nimbus of fire surrounds head; single pellet line at neckline, with larger pellet in centre, two pellets .. on breast, above large hollow pellet, double pellet line extends from shoulders to sternum, trace of pellet line extending from sternum to waist, folds of clothing visible on shoulders; two ribbons extend from behind bust upwards; single pellet border.

Inscriptions:  Obverse: [Symbol for Xvarrah] AFZUTU (May his glory increase) HUSRUI MALKAN MALKA (Khusrau King of Kings) Reverse: SIJVISTI (Twenty Three) AIRAN AFZUTANETI (He brings glory to Ehran)

Bibliography:  Sellwood, Whitting and Williams, 1985, no.60 (Same Coin), Paruck n.455

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Khusrau II
c. 570

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