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ID number:  BIRBI-B5334
Object type:  Coin
Institution:  The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Maker:  Romanos III; Constantinople
Denomination:  Miliaresion
Place made:  Istanbul
Culture:  Byzantine
Date made:  1028-1034
Metal:  Silver
Diameter (cm):  2.50
Weight (g):  2.76
Axis (degrees):  180.00
Provenance:  Barber accession 0094B. A.H. Baldwin, October 1971.

Description:  Obverse: Virgin and with Christ-child held in l. arm standing facing, r. hand raised to chest, wearing tunic and maphorion, letters M in l. field and Θ in r. field, within triple-border ornamented by eight globes. Reverse: Romanos standing on footstool facing, bearded, wearing loros bordered by four pellets and crown topped with cross, with r. hand holding long cross and holding globus cruciger in l. hand, within triple-border ornamented by eight globes.

Inscriptions:  Obverse: + ΠAPΘЄNЄ COI ΠOΛVAINЄ (Much praised Virgin…). Reverse: + OC HΛΠIKЄ ΠAN TA KATOPΘOI. (…how prosperous in all things is he who exalts [you]).

Bibliography:  DOC III.2 3

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Romanos III
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