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ID number:  BIRBI-R1841
Object type:  Coin
Institution:  The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Named collection:  G. Haines Collection
Collector:  Haines, Geoffrey
Maker:  Valerian I; Uncertain mint
Denomination:  Antoninianus
Culture:  Roman
Date made:  260c
Metal:  Silver
Diameter (cm):  2.20
Weight (g):  2.48
Axis (degrees):  0.00
Provenance:  Haines 2621. Presented by Mr C. C. Oman. A similar coin, then believed to be unique, was published by Sir Charles Oman in 1928. The same year, Haines was with Mr Oman (Charles Oman's son) when he picked this coin out of a box of coins on the south bank (quays in Paris), 1949.

Description:  Obverse: Head of Valerian, wearing radiate crown, draped and cuirassed, facing r. Reverse: Lighted altar.

Inscriptions:  Obverse: …MP \...DıΛNVS P IVG (Imperator Valerian Pius Augustus). Reverse: CƆNSECPATIO (Consecrated).

Bibliography:  Apparently unpublished.

Notes:  The obverse is of Valerian I, but the reverse type is not known for Valerian I.

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Haines, Geoffrey Colton
Uncertain mint

Valerian I

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