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ID number:  BIRBI-B1469
Object type:  Coin
Institution:  The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Maker:  Justin II; Antioch
Denomination:  Follis
Place made:  Antioch
Culture:  Byzantine
Date made:  565-566
Metal:  Base Metal
Diameter (cm):  3.70
Weight (g):  18.19
Axis (degrees):  180.00

Description:  Obverse: Justin facing, wearing cuirass, plumed helmet with trefoil ornament and pendilia, and shield on l. arm; holding in r.hand a globe surmounted with Victoria - Nike, facing Justin, and crowning him with a wreath; and cross in r. of field. Reverse: M with cross above; and two stars in the r. of the field, above and beneath the year.

Inscriptions:  Obverse: D N IUSI … (Our lord Justin, eternal Augustus). Reverse: ANNO I (Year 1). Mint mark: τHЄЧ… Officina: Γ (3).

Bibliography:  MIB II 54b

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Justin II
October 578
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