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ID number:  BIRBI-B5460
Object type:  Coin
Institution:  The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Maker:  Michael VII; Maria of Alania; Constantinople
Denomination:  Tetarteron
Place made:  Eurasia: Istanbul
Culture:  Byzantine
Date made:  1071-1078
Metal:  Gold
Diameter (cm):  2.45
Weight (g):  4.01
Axis (degrees):  180.00

Description:  Obverse: Bust of the Virgin facing, wearing tunic and maphorion, holding medallion of the Infant Christ with cross behind head, pellet in each limb; single border of dots. Reverse: Half-length figures of Michael on l. and Maria on r. facing, holding between them long cross, with terminal pellets to arms, on plain shaft. Michael wears modified loros and crown with cross and pendilia, Maria wears modified loros with collar-piece and crown with pinnacles and pendilia; single border of dots.

Inscriptions:  Obverse: +ΘKЄ …H (Mother of God, aid) MP ΘV (Mother of God) Reverse: +MIX A HΛ S M APIA (Michael and Maria)

Bibliography:  DOC III.2.4.2

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Maria of Alania


Michael VII Doukas

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