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Name or title Maker ID Number  
A.C. Volt and Wattmeter The General Electric Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0570 View
AC and DC Ammeter Weston Electrical Instrument Co. BIRRC-P0475 View
AC and DC Ammeter - Current Transformer Weston Electrical Instrument Co. BIRRC-P0476 View
Air Flow Meter Casella BIRRC-P0836 View
Balance - large Oertling BIRRC-P0232 View
Balance with Chain Weight Baird and Tatlock (London) Ltd BIRRC-P0410 View
Balancing scales with weights BIRRC-H0291 View
Ballistic Galvanometer Muirhead & Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0192 View
Early d.c. Multimeter Weston Electrical Instrument Co., Newark and Elliott Bros. BIRRC-P0117 View
Galvanometer H. Tinsley & Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0230 View
Galvanometer for lecture room The Cambridge Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0194 View
Hounsfield Tensometer Tensometer Ltd BIRRC-P0671 View
Hounsfield Tensometer - Box of 7 beams for loads 62.5 lb to 2 ton Tensometer Ltd BIRRC-P0671.1 View
Iliovici Permeameter Compagnie pour la fabrication des compteurs et materiel d'usines BIRRC-P0010 View
Kelvin Multicellular Voltmeter White, J. BIRRC-P0073 View
Mercury Barometer Bailey BIRRC-P0592 View
Metre scale Bailey, R. BIRRC-P0533 View
Millivoltmeter - Laboratory standard Weston Electrical Instrument Co. BIRRC-P0568 View
Optical Pyrometer Cambridge & Paul Instrument Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0841 View
Platinum resistance thermometer H. Tinsley & Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0388 View
Potentiometer W.G. Pye & Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0548 View
Potentiometer - Clark Fisher Reason Manufacturing Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0250 View
Resistance thermometer bridge H. Tinsley & Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0102 View
Spectrometer - constant deviation Adam Hilger Ltd BIRRC-P0304 View
Thermocouple Potentiometer Croydon Precision Instrument Co. BIRRC-P0874 View

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