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Name or title Maker ID Number  
'Serpent' Label-Printing Outfit Serpent Labels WB-BC0002A View
'Serpent' Label-Printing Outfit Serpent Labels WB-BC0002 View
'Serpent' Label-Printing Outfit blank lead strips Serpent Labels WB-BC0002F View
'Serpent' Label-Printing Outfit Box Serpent Labels WB-BC0002B View
'Serpent' Label-Printing Outfit Instructions Serpent Labels WB-BC0002E View
'Serpent' Label-Printing Outfit Leaflet Serpent Labels WB-BC0002D View
'Serpent' Label-Printing Outfit Tube of Adhesive Serpent Labels WB-BC0002C View
Adhesive Dry Mounting Press Adhesive Dry Mounting Co. Ltd., London WB-PC0031 View
Aldis Projector WB-HC0576E View
Argus Slide Projector WB-HC0576C View
Army first aid kit WB-HC0757 View
Audio-Technica audio transmitter WB-HC0443 View
Avery weighing scales W. & T. Avery Ltd. WB-BC0056 View
Bellows WB-HC0057 View
Bone ash cake(alli) Unknown BIRRC-D0380(W5) View
Boots wall-mounted first aid box Boot's Pure Drug Company Limited WB-HC0410 View
Box for Gamgee Tissue Pneumonia Jacket Robinson and Sons Ltd BIRRC-M0362 View
Cadbury book printing blocks BIRRC-H0294 View
Camera Kodak WB-HC0063 View
Candy Dish BIRRC-H0331 View
Carpenter's tool box with assorted tools Short, Harry WB-HC0593 View
Carpet Sweeper WB-HC0132 View
Cleveland State University Plate BIRRC-H0321 View
Coaster depicting University of Birmingham Campus BIRRC-H0333.6 View
Coaster depicting University of Birmingham Campus BIRRC-H0333.1 View

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