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Name or title Maker ID Number  
Basket BIRRC-D0309 View
Basket Unknown BIRRC-D0109 View
Basket strainer Unknown BIRRC-D0065 View
Basket with conical lid Unknown BIRRC-D0143 View
Bell Unknown BIRRC-D0284 View
Benin replica head of the Queen Mother (Iyoba) Unknown BIRRC-D0288 View
Bevrijding van Gent Medal BIRRC-H0312 View
Book stand WB-HC0269 View
Bracelet Unknown BIRRC-D0097(1) View
Bracelet with triangular decorations Unknown BIRRC-D0542 View
Brass and copper dish with ship motif WB-HC0080 View
Brass and copper jug WB-HC0687 View
Brass candlestick WB-HC0685B View
Brass candlestick WB-HC0685A View
Brass jug Joseph Sankey & Sons WB-HC0161 View
Breast ornament Unknown BIRRC-D0097(2) View
British War Medal BIRRC-H0081 View
Bronze Head of John Galsworthy Hilton-Young, Kathleen BIRRC-H0229 View
Bronze Plaque of Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940) Lanteri, Edouard BIRRC-H0001 View
Bust of an Oba Omoregie, David BIRRC-D0412 View
Bust of Anne Mason BIRRC-H0226 View
Bust of Josiah Mason BIRRC-H0227 View
Calabash Unknown BIRRC-D0457 View
Calabash areophone (shantu) Unknown BIRRC-D0183 View
Calabash bowl Unknown BIRRC-D0052(6) View

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