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Name or title Maker ID Number  
Resurrection Beckmann, Max (1884-1950) BIRBI-2000.6 View
Returning to the Trenches Nevinson, Christopher Richard Wynne (1889-1946) BIRBI-2009.2 View
Ripe Cornfield: Evening (Ahrenfeld am Abend) Illies, Arthur (1870-1952) BIRBI-2000.5 View
River Landscape Schwarz, Hans BIRRC-A1226 View
River with mill wheel by unknown artist Unknown WB-HC0513.24 View
Road map of Salisbury and environs Bowen, Emanuel WB-HC0693.6 View
Road map of Southampton and environs Bowen, Emanuel WB-HC0693.8 View
Road map of Stockbridge and environs Bowen, Emanuel WB-HC0693.7 View
Robert Hicks Mee, Henry (b.1955) BIRRC-A0927 View
Rock Dwellings at Saumur on the Loire Doomer, Lambert (c. 1622/3-1700) BIRBI-37.8 View
Rowing Boats by the Rocks Schwarz, Hans BIRRC-A1205 View
Rübezhal Richter, Adrian Ludwig (1803-1884) BIRBI-98.3/2 View
Rumsey Church Godfrey, J. WB-HC0693.2 View
Runner McKnight, David BIRRC-A0281 View
Salome Biscaino, Bartolommeo (1632-1657) BIRBI-66.6 View
Saltway by Sarah Niekerk Niekerk, Sarah WB-PC0025.2 View
Scenes from the Aeneid: the Sicilian games Dosso Dossi (1485/90?-1542) BIRBI-64.5 View
Screenprint by Becky Howson printed at Winterbourne Howson, Becky WB-PC0038 View
Seascape Daubigny, Charles-François (1817-1878) BIRBI-72.1 View
Seated man in cafe Schwarz, Hans BIRRC-A1100 View
Seated Man Seen from Above (recto) Seated Man Seen from the Side (verso) Tintoretto, Jacopo Robusti (1518-1594) BIRBI-36.6 View
Seated nude Schwarz, Hans BIRRC-A1217 View
Seated nude Schwarz, Hans BIRRC-A1216 View
Seated woman with kerchief Schwarz, Hans BIRRC-A1210 View
Self Portrait Schwarz, Hans BIRRC-A1222 View

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