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Name or title Maker ID Number  
Kern Aarau geometry set Kern Aarau WB-HC0886 View
Klystron – Soft Sutton tube BIRRC-P0909 View
Label engraving machine Dahlgren WB-BC0057 View
Liquid Hydrogen Bubble Chamber Physics Department Workshop BIRRC-P0890 View
Lodge diode valve Believed to be Cossor BIRRC-P0374B View
Machine for sealing seed packets Sunvic WB-BC0058 View
Magneto Electric Machine BIRRC-M0145 View
Microbalance Oertling BIRRC-P0882 View
Micrometeoroid detector Birmingham University Space Research Workshop BIRRC-P0886 View
Microscope Watson & Sons (Electrical Medical) Ltd. WB-HC0065 View
Microscope Aitchison & Co WB-HC0845 View
Negretti & Zambra hygrometer in wooden box Negretti & Zambra Ltd. WB-BC0021 View
Offord Cowley Level Offord Scientific Equipment Ltd WB-BC0062 View
Orrery W. Jones BIRRC-P0172 View
Oscilloscope Solartron BIRRC-P0332 View
Oscilloscope Government Service Model - maker not indicated BIRRC-P0776 View
Photax hand-held slide viewer with cardboard box Photax WB-BC0020 View
Photoelectric photometer in leather case Diffusion Systems Ltd. WB-BC0022 View
Photograph Enlarger and Condenser J. Lancaster & Sons Ltd WB-HC0834 View
Photographic retouching desk Johnsons of Hendon Ltd WB-HC0400 View
Polarisation Microscope J. Duboscq BIRRC-P0002 View
Post Office Relay Bouron (as indicated on original record card) BIRRC-P0009 View
Poynting’s quartz spheres for gravitational experiments BIRRC-P0208 View
Poynting’s spheres for determination of the gravitational constant Large sphere: Messrs Storey, Balancing sphere: Messrs Heenan, Two small spheres: Messrs Whitworth BIRRC-P0202 View
Quartz Prism Spectrograph Adam Hilger Ltd BIRRC-P0330 View

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