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Name or title Maker ID Number  
Resistance box - 6 decade Wolff, O. BIRRC-P0459 View
Riefler Master Clock Riefler, Sigmund BIRRC-P0831 View
Scientific instrument in wooden case WB-BC0027 View
Set of craniotomy tools (in bag) BIRRC-M0150 View
Set of Vygotsky blocks BIRRC-H0296 View
Sextant Heath and Co. BIRRC-P0007 View
Signal Generator General Radio Co. BIRRC-P0033 View
Spectrometer The Precision Tool & Instrument Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0673 View
Sprengel pump Aston, F. W. BIRRC-P0371 View
Stop Clock A. Wright & Co. BIRRC-P0411 View
Sudbury Soil testing kit WB-BC0052 View
Telegraph Siphon Recorder Muirhead & Co. Ltd. BIRRC-P0258 View
Theodolite E.R. Watts & Son BIRRC-P0549 View
Thermometer in wooden box WB-BC0030 View
Thickness Gauge for Silver Electroplate BIRRC-P0171 View
Ticker tape machine Favarger & Cie BIRRC-P0008 View
Transit Telescope Troughton and Simms BIRRC-P0322 View
Triode Valve R-type Probably Mullard BIRRC-P0036 View
Tuning Forks - High Frequency Ruddolph Koenig BIRRC-P0920 View
Tuning Forks for Lissajous Figures Ruddolph Koenig BIRRC-P0919 View
V.H.F. Signal Generator Hewlett Packard BIRRC-P0917 View
Volumetric Flasks BIRRC-P0850 View
Wall barometer WB-HC0689 View
Wall barometer WB-HC0091 View
West Electrical Current Transformer Weston Electrical Instrument Co. BIRRC-P0453 View

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