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Name or title Maker ID Number  
Dictyonema BIRUG 12411 View
Dictyonema BIRUG 12408 View
Dictyonema BIRUG 12401 View
Dictyonema BIRUG 12400 View
Dictyonema BIRUG 12399 View
Dictyonema BIRUG 12398 View
Dictyonema BIRUG 12395 View
Dictyonema BIRUG 12396 View
Dictyonema BIRUG 12397 View
Dictyonema? BIRUG 12394 View
Dictyonema? BIRUG 12393 View
Didrepanon falcatum gen. et sp. nov. BIRUG: BU417 View
Didrepanon falcatum gen. et sp. nov. BIRUG: BU418 View
Didrepanon falcatum Lane 1971 BIRUG: BU420 View
Dudleyaspis quinquespinosa (Lake) BIRUG: BU676 View
Dudleyaspis quinquespinosa (Lake) BIRUG: BU677 View
Encrinurus rosensteinae sp. nov. BIRUG: BU1906 View
Encrinurus tuberculatus (Buckland) BIRUG: BU726 View
Encrinurus tuberculatus (Buckland) BIRUG: BU805 View
Encrinurus variolaris (Brongniart) BIRUG: BU1905 View
Encrinurus variolaris (Brongniart) BIRUG: BU725 View
Encrinurus variolaris (Brongniart) BIRUG: BU723 View
Encrinurus variolaris (Brongniart) BIRUG: BU724 View
Euproops rotundatus BIRUG 50130 View
Ficula dussumieri BIRUG 21470 View

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