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ID number:  ECM 37
Named collection:  The Eton Myers Collection
Title / Object name:  Faience Lotus Bud
Date made:  Possibly from Amarna Period (1352-1336 BC)
Collector:  Myers, William Joseph
Materials:  Faience
Measurements:  overall: 6.70 cm x 2.80 cm x 2.80 cm (H x W x D)
Provenance:  Possibly from Amarna, Middle Egypt

This multicoloured blue and green faience lotus bud is a rare, well-preserved adornment. There is a piercing at the base of the object for a now missing stem, which may have then been slotted into an architectural feature. This specific type of lotus bud artefact has primarily been found at Amarna, a site where many polychrome faience artefacts have been excavated.

Bibliography:  See Friedman, F.D. (ed.) 1998. Gifts of the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Faience. Providence, RI, p. 86 & 191 for information about comparable piece MFA 1988.339.

Notes:  For a similar piece, see Boston MFA 1988.339

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Myers, William Joseph
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