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In Focus

The following objects represents a selection of topical, unusual or interesting records from our collection. These records have been selected by our team of curators.

ID number:  BIRRC-D0505
Title / Object name:  Ceremonial Asante Sandals
Category:  Costume
Object type:  Shoes
Artist / Maker:  Unknown
Place made:  Bonwire, Ghana
Date made:  1990s

Gifted to CWAS by the late Agogohene Akuoko Sarpong, chief of the town of Agogo in Asante (Ashanti) in present-day Ghana. The sandals – Mpaboa – are a crucial part of a chief’s regalia, for his feet must never be in direct contact with the earth – Asase Yaa. This would result in a loss of authority, and potential disaster for the chief and his people. So when a chief is removed from office the sandals are taken from his feet. The same traditions apply to the kings, who even have dedicated sandal bearers. This is part of a set of four items from this particular donor, including ceremonial swords, a ceremonial throne and a processional ceremonial umbrella.   [More Info]

ID number:  ECM 414
Title / Object name:  Shabti of Satamun
Object type:  Shabti
Date made:  New Kingdom, not before the end of the 18th Dynasty (1550-1295 BC)

The shabti belongs to a woman, the ‘mistress of the house’ Satamun. It is well preserved and was made in one piece. Satamun wears a long, elaborate female wig which extends down to the level of the wesekh-collar and has a horizontal red retaining band with white and black dots (ornamental weights) that kept the band in place on the hair. According to Schneider (1977: vol. 1, 165 and vol. 3, fig.11, n. 10) the style of the wig dates to the 18th Dynasty.

The figure, painted black, wears a polychrome collar (white black, yellow, red, green) wesekh-collar and her arms and hands are rendered in the manner typical of New Kingdom shabtis: the right and left arms are shown on the same level and only the hands emerge above the collar (Schneider 1977: vol. 1, 167). In the right hand the shabti holds a djed-pillar, and in the left a tit-amulet (cf. Schneider 1977: vol. 1, 175; vol. 3, fig. 17, n. 1). The shabti, therefore, does not display the usual agricultural implements necessary for the tasks described in the text (cf. inscription A). On its back, a rectangular basket is clearly visible, although the two cords holding it over the shoulders are partially hidden under the long wig; the basket is painted yellow with light red criss-crossed lines. The basket’s shape, rectangular with loops and cords, corresponds to n. B10b of Schneider’s subdivision of baskets shapes (1977: vol. 1, 172; vol. 3, fig. 14, n. 10b) and dates to the New Kingdom.

An inscription (A) runs in horizontal lines around the lower part of the body; the text is engraved and painted in yellow; the lines are framed and down the centre of the back there is an open (uninscribed) column (cf. Schneider 1977: vol. 1, 177; vol. 3, fig. 18, n. 1c). The version of the shabti spell revealed by this inscription corresponds to Schneider’s version VB (1977: vol. 1, 107-109). Under line 3 of the inscription the shabti was probably broken into two halves, which were subsequently glued back together.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRUG 15104
Title / Object name:  Cardio corpus Gutbieri Genut
Category:  Palaeontology
Object type:  Plant

   [More Info]

ID number:  WB-HC0418
Title / Object name:  Unusual Partners by John Kenrick Nettlefold
Category:  Book
Object type:  Book
Artist / Maker:  Nettlefold, John Kenrick
Date made:  1956

Unusual Partners by John Kenrick Nettlefold, Rector of Bourton-on-the-Water. Son of John and Margaret Nettlefold.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRBI-R1013
Title / Object name:  Denarius
Category:  Numismatics
Object type:  Coin
Artist / Maker:  Vespasian; Rome
Place made:  Rome
Date made:  75

Obverse: Bust of Vespasian, laureate, r. Reverse: Pax seated l., holding a branch in her r. hand.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRBI-2016.4
Title / Object name:  Sur la Terrasse, Montparnasse, Paris
Category:  Visual art
Object type:  Print
Artist / Maker:  Nevinson, Christopher Richard Wynne (1889-1946)
Place made:  Île-de-France: Paris
Date made:  1920s

Edition of 75. Probably exhibited with the painting on which it is based in Nevinson's eight Leicester Galleries show, October 1930, No. 33 as 'Parnasse'.   [More Info]