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In Focus

The following objects represents a selection of topical, unusual or interesting records from our collection. These records have been selected by our team of curators.

ID number:  ECM 1762
Title / Object name:  Faience Bowl
Object type:  Vessel

Shallow bowl of heavy green faience with ring foot; outer surface decorated in black with leaf patter, inner with schematised plant design around a central pool(?)   [More Info]

BIRUG 26.jpg
ID number:  BIRUG 26
Title / Object name:  Opal var. Semi-opal
Category:  Mineralogy

   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRBI-R1098
Title / Object name:  As
Category:  Numismatics
Object type:  Coin
Artist / Maker:  Trajan; Rome
Place made:  Rome
Date made:  101 - 102

Obverse: Bust of Trajan, laureate, r., draped. Reverse: S - C, left and right. Victoria walking l., holding palm-branch in her l. hand and shield in her r., inscribed with SPQR.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRBI-2015.2
Title / Object name:  Homme vu par une fleur (Man Seen by a Flower)
Category:  Visual art
Object type:  Sculpture
Artist / Maker:  Arp, Jean (1886-1966)
Place made:  Meudon
Date made:  1958

There is no primary point of view for this curious and tactile little sculpture, best appreciated when turned in the hand. While it is essentially an abstract or non-representative object, the playful title suggests something dreamlike. This reflects Arp's close association with the Surrealists and their interest in unlocking the subconscious. The cast is one of 400 given by the Belgian government to contributors to the 1958 Universal Exhibition in Brussels.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRRC-D0164
Title / Object name:  Tuareg Camel Saddle (terik)
Category:  Decorative art
Object type:  Leatherwork
Artist / Maker:  Unknown
Place made:  Kidal, N.E. Mali
Date made:  1970s

'Tamzak' type. Metal strip (left-front) reads V:II.I.+II: dwIg+Ir in tifinar script. Trans: 'adowla ag atlar', the maker's name. The Kel Adrar Twareg tribe come from the Adrar n Iforas mountain region. Made by the chief Kel Adrar smith.   [More Info]