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In Focus

The following objects represents a selection of topical, unusual or interesting records from our collection. These records have been selected by our team of curators.

ID number:  BIRRC-D0330
Title / Object name:  Man's cotton trousers
Category:  Costume
Object type:  Clothing
Place made:  N. Nigeria

These trousers, or 'wando' as they are so called in Hausa, are often used as riding trousers due to the large size of them. They are coloured primarily with alternating strips of light blue and indigo. They are embroidered in coloured wool and rayon ('mai surfani' meaning with embroidery ), mostly in tones of red, orange, green , blue, maroon, yellow-green and grey. The waistband is made from pale blue machine-embroidered imported cotton (depth 15 cm), and the drawstring of jute cord is also imported. This article was collected in N. Cameroons before 1928.   [More Info]

ID number:  ECM 501
Title / Object name:  Canopic jar lid
Object type:  Canopic jar
Date made:  Probably 18th Dynasty (1550-1295 BC)

Human-headed lid of a canopic jar. The figure wears a smooth blue wig; only patches of blue paint are preserved. The eyes, eyebrows and mouth are outlined with black ink.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRUG 11914
Title / Object name:  Mudstones encrusted with lichen
Category:  Mineralogy
Object type:  Silicate

Part of William Murdoch Collection dated in his inventory 12/1826, in Lapworth Museum Archive.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRBI-R0088
Title / Object name:  60-As Gold Piece
Category:  Numismatics
Object type:  Coin
Artist / Maker:  Roman Republic; Rome
Place made:  Rome
Date made:  from 211BC

Obverse: Head of Mars, weaing a Corinthian helmet, facing r.; behind, are the symbols: ↓ X. Border of dots. Reverse: Eagle on a thunderbolt, facing r.; below it reads, ROMA. No border.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRBI-49.9
Title / Object name:  Bathers at Tahiti
Category:  Visual art
Object type:  Painting
Artist / Maker:  Gauguin, Paul (1848-1903)
Place made:  Tahiti
Date made:  1897

The picture was painted during Gauguin's second period in Tahiti (1895-1901). His poverty at the time is reflected in the coarse weave of the canvas. It was one of a number of pictures related to and including Where do we come from? (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) exhibited at the end of 1898 in Ambroise Vollard's gallery in Paris. Gauguin's non-representational use of colour is marked; in February 1898 he completed an essay he had been writing on the subject.   [More Info]