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In Focus

The following objects represents a selection of topical, unusual or interesting records from our collection. These records have been selected by our team of curators.

ID number:  BIRUG 22852
Title / Object name:  Bythoceras iridescens
Category:  Recent
Object type:  Gastropod

   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRBI-N0002
Title / Object name:  Trifollaro
Category:  Numismatics
Object type:  Coin
Artist / Maker:  Roger I; Mileto
Place made:  Calabria: Mileto
Date made:  1070-1101

Obverse: Knight on horseback r.. Reverse: Virign seated l., with Child.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRBI-47.4
Title / Object name:  Portrait of Sultan Ali Adil Shah II
Category:  Visual art
Object type:  Portrait miniature
Artist / Maker:  Anonymous
Date made:  17th century

Painted in Bijapur by an unknown master, this jewel-like miniature depicts Sultan Ali Adil Shah II, who reigned between 1656 and 1672. Clad in a magnificent gold jama, which is decorated with emerald-green peacock ‘eyes’, he is shown at a window holding a large polished ruby. He wears an ornate turban, necklaces and bracelets which, together with the imposing head and torso, enhance the impression of regal splendour. Surrounding him is a decorative border of ornate arabesques, adding further to the radiance and sumptuousness of the portrait. Inscribed on the reverse of the miniature is the last verse of the Koran written in Arabic calligraphy and decorated with flowers in gold.   [More Info]

ID number:  BIRRC-H0001
Title / Object name:  Bronze Plaque of Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940)
Category:  Decorative art
Object type:  Plaque
Artist / Maker:  Lanteri, Edouard
Date made:  1905

Sitter pictured in profile and slightly raised from the plaque which is buffed to a slightly gold colour over the facial features and other areas, to add a feeling of depth and three-dimensionality. The plaque has inscriptions along the bottom underneath the portrait and is inscribed as above in the top right and left hand corners and along the right hand side. It has bar across the back from which it can be hung. Sir Oliver Lodge was a pioneering Physicist during the late 19th and early 20th century and made important advances in the development of wireless and electromagnetic devices. He was the first Principal of the University of Birmingham. The maker of this plaque, Edouard Lanteri, was a French-born sculptor who studied in Paris at the École des Beaux Arts before migrating to London in 1872. He was Professor of Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, 1874-1910. He completed many busts and bronze works of prominent figures during his professional life and examples of his work can be seen in the National Portrait Gallery.   [More Info]

ID number:  ECM 1666
Title / Object name:  Bes Amulet
Object type:  Amulet
Date made:  Third Intermediate Period (c. 1076 - 723 BCE)

Modelled amulet of the god Bes standing frontally with his hands on his thighs. Finely carved details of the face include a large beard/mane and piercings through his nose and ears. Completely carved out areas between the arms and body, and between the legs can be seen, as well as the remains of the top and bottom of an animal tail on the reverse of the figure. A large suspension lug is located behind the tall plumed headdress.   [More Info]